Masks are not so difficult to buy

- Apr 03, 2020-

On March 28, Xiamen's personal mask appointment purchase system, which had been implemented for nearly two months, also officially stopped. Xiamen personal mask purchase appointment lottery, has carried out 4 rounds of mask purchase appointment registration, issued 60 million Disposable Face Mask masks.

On March 24, Hefei issued a notice saying that in view of the current stable supply of the mask market, Hefei Medical Insurance WeChat public number mask appointment platform was closed on March 26.

On the same day, Shaoxing City also said that the supply of masks in the KN95 Face Mask market gradually increased, and the number of online reservations on the online appointment platform dropped sharply. From March 25th, the online subscription of health network Children Face Masks  was stopped.

On March 23, Hangzhou released news that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in the country is improving, and the supply of Disposable Earloop Face Masks  in the market has continued to increase, and appointments have officially stopped on March 25.

"Masks are not so difficult to buy"

Stopping the appointment of masks in many places is mainly because the mask is difficult to find.

In the early days of the epidemic, due to the surge in demand and insufficient production capacity, "a hard cover" became the state at the time. And now more and more people feel that masks are getting better.

News about the realization of mask freedom in various places has also been reported in the newspapers: "Zhengzhou has realized the free purchase of masks, and the official has closed the mask reservation platform."

On social platforms, many netizens left a message saying that Surgical masks are now better to buy, so the stockpile mode was opened.

"When the epidemic is tense, I can't buy disposable face mask black everywhere, and I have a bit of mask anxiety syndrome. Now masks are very good, and masks are retaliated and stocked, at least for a year."

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