Maintenance of mountaineering bags

- Mar 17, 2020-

 Whether a mountaineering bag is sturdy or durable depends on the material. The application of the material determines the quality and grade of the backpack to a certain extent. The application of high-tech materials has continuously improved the performance of the backpack. Some high-end brand materials are very sophisticated.

Many people pay more attention to the color and shape of the backpack when choosing a backpack. In fact, whether the backpack is strong or durable depends on the material. From the perspective of webbing, ordinary webbing and high-quality webbing. The price can be 3 to 5 times worse. The high-quality webbing has a smooth surface, soft texture, moderate astringency, strong load-bearing capacity, and can withstand tensile forces of more than 200 kg. From the perspective of fabrics, different materials will have large differences in texture and performance, so prices will vary greatly. The materials commonly used for backpacks are polyester and nylon. Although the former has the characteristics of good coloring and color fastness, it is not as strong in strength and elasticity as the latter. Therefore, although the waterproof backpack made of polyester cloth is also very beautiful and the price is correspondingly cheap, but But the quality is not as good as a nylon backpack. Secondly, the quality and price of the fabrics will be different because of the different density of the fabric. The same fabric is 420D. The ordinary fabric is 280 grams per yard, while the high-density fabric weighs 410 grams. Therefore, both fabrics have very strong strength and abrasion resistance. Big difference. The destructive test was performed on the fabric on the friction machine. The same 500D fabric, the polyester fabric was broken when it was ground to 1209 revolutions, and the DuPont nylon fabric was broken when it was ground to 3605 revolutions. The brand-name backpacks on the market are more perfect in terms of materials, so their performance and quality are also better.

Folding maintenance

1. If some metal utensils are to be installed in the mountain bag, these friction damage things should not be close to the inner wall of the bag, this is also an internal injury.

2. If the backpack is scratched, it is necessary to sew immediately. A thicker needle thread is used. The needles used to sew the seat cushion must be sewn firmly. The nylon thread can be cut off by fire.

3, in the evening outdoors, it is best to have a protective cover to cover the backpack, so as not to damage the backpack due to dew.

4. During camping, the backpack must be closed to prevent small animals such as weasel and rat from stealing food. At night, the backpack must be covered with a backpack cover. Even in sunny weather, the dew will still wet the backpack. During the snow season, the backpack can be used as the door of the snow cave. Limp or crawl through woods and shrubs, and pack your backpack to lower the center of gravity.

5. The camping can put the empty backpack under the feet and put it outside the sleeping bag. It should be insulated from the cold ground to improve the sleeping temperature. The backpack must be cleaned.

6. When you are still outdoors, pay attention to whether the buckle of the backpack is fastened. First, to avoid walking through some places, things such as hooks can break the backpack, secondly, to prevent things from falling, and thirdly, to prevent them from falling at night. Rats or bugs get inside.

7The storage backpack must be in a cool and dry environment to avoid mold and damage the waterproof coating on the outer layer of the backpack cloth. On weekdays, check the main support points, such as belts, shoulder straps, and the stability of the carrying system. To avoid deterioration or hardening of the gasket, you should change the zipper. Do not wait for things to slip out of the backpack to remedy.

8. When cleaning, the dry mud can be cleaned directly with a brush. If washed with water, it will be easy for the mud to be incorporated into the fabric. If it is oily, a neutral detergent is recommended. In addition, it should be air-dried after washing, and direct exposure to the sun will damage the material of the backpack.

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