Main features of rain barrels

- Dec 10, 2019-

Collect water from roof runoff to provide you with an ample supply of free water: this rain bucket can provide 60 gallons of rainwater when it's full. A typical roof can produce hundreds of gallons of water if you grab a few more buckets during a heavy rain.

Great for watering plants, lawns and gardens, it's a very efficient and economical device: when drought strikes and rain is scarce, rain buckets can provide valuable water for your lawn and garden. By saving water, you can reduce average water use by 40 percent. With these savings, the rain tank will pay for itself in a few seasons.

Collapsible bucket design with top net: this product features a collapsible bucket design for easy storage and transportation, plus its green surface is a natural fit for your backyard view. Its top mesh is the latest design to keep bugs, animals and debris out while also being easy to clean and maintain and gentle on the skin.

High quality materials ensure stability and long use :PVC frames and anticorrosive PVC mesh make these rain barrels tough. Although most barrels crack or become brittle in the winter, the material remains strong.

Easy to use and versatile: simply put it in a downspout, let the water flow through the grid storage area, and if it fills up with rain, the excess water will flow out of the top of the wall. In addition, you can connect more buckets and extra pipes (not included) to collect more water.

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