lohasoutdoor brand in Lohas Industrial co Ltd

- Nov 16, 2020-

The role of trademarks

In the past ten years, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has been producing outdoor products for domestic outdoor enthusiasts, such as waterproof bags, travel bags, outdoor inflatable cushions, outdoor tents, picnic mats, picnic bags, foldable rain buckets, gardens Tree bags and so on. We have been doing OEM, ODM, and other customized outdoor products production.

Although it has achieved good results, it has never made efforts to make efforts on its own brand.

Therefore, in the future, we will carry forward the lohasoutdoor brand at home and abroad.

At present, we have established a new retail department, using our own brand lohasoutdoor.

The retail platform AliExpress and domestic Tmall use this brand. We will sell folding buckets, outdoor water bottles, waterproof backpacks, waterproof bags, outdoor shower bags, portable pressure bags, camping sleeping bags, camping tents, outdoor inflatable cushions, etc. under our own brand on these platforms.

Hope this is a good start, and a new brand road is underfoot.

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