Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd products

- Sep 01, 2020-

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd., as an old B2B foreign business outdoor products factory, has produced foldable rainwater tanks, buckets, irrigation water bags, tree bags, waterproof bags, picnic bags, picnic mats, camping tents, and inflatables for customers from all over the world for 15 years. Outdoor products such as mats have been loved and praised by customers for many years.

Therefore, there have been old customers for many years to follow, some of them are customers who have grown up with our company. Grateful.

Due to the epidemic, there are also situations such as traffic fragmentation, rising costs, the "invasion" of Internet marketing, and the reshuffle of the industry. Traditional industries have suffered a lot. For many foreign trade manufacturing companies, the pressure is not only These ones.

Many of our peer factories closed down.

On the contrary, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. stood out in this epidemic. Not only has it made a breakthrough in the traditional B2B foreign trade of outdoor products, it has also done a good job in the new foreign trade wholesale and retail.

For example, when making rainwater buckets, I integrated the material source, production process, packaging and other aspects of the foldable rainwater tank to save costs to the greatest extent and control the quality of drinking water tanks.

Choosing outdoor products is actually a process of reviewing our own resources. We use our advantages to the extreme and bring good products to the world.

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