Lohas Industrial Co Ltd outdoor products

- Mar 27, 2020-

How to make the outdoor products or garden products on the website better searchable by guests?

For this issue, the employees of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. have invested a lot of time in this aspect, and have achieved certain results.

Let ’s take a look together.

The first is to put your own products, such as foldable rain buckets, outdoor showers, pressure bags, shower tents, backpacks, etc. on the website.

However, it is not enough to put these outdoor products or garden products on the website. Need more links for each product to optimize, for example, our portable pressure bag. We have to take the actual pictures of this foldable pressure bag outdoors beforehand. Then the size of the photographed product is described, and the above modifications and organization are described.

What is needed is to name the picture of this outdoor shower bag, the naming requirements of each picture are different.

Then process the description of this shower bag.

Finally, it can be published on the website. If there is a video, the video clip will be inserted into the video connection together with how to use the foldable portable pressure bag.

In this way, a product is considered complete. Later we need to regularly maintain and organize this portable pressure bag.

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