- Jan 07, 2020-

It's time again for the annual meeting. At this time, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. must be very busy, such as foldable rain buckets, large drinking water buckets, fishing buckets, self-filling cushion sleeping bags, camping backpacks, waterproof bags, camping shower bags, showers and many other products have not been completed However, on this day, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. must hold the annual meeting activities. All employees of the company must participate if there is no special situation.

On January 1, 2020, the annual meeting of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled. why?

I. Significance of the annual corporate meeting

The annual meeting is a major corporate holiday!

1. The outline of the annual meeting: for the smile of my parents, I am on my way!

2.Operating principle: how to make employees feel like they come

3, the soul of the enterprise: the motivation to manage employees well, to realize the dreams of employees, and to realize the dreams of bosses by the way!

4.The core of the annual meeting: let employees work hard in the company next year!

5.The purpose of the annual meeting: pull

① Pull employees

a. In order to reduce employee turnover, use activities to retain employees; make employees excited to take action, so that more employees see the hope of working with the company; show the company's glory, and let the employee family support themselves in the company; It must be different from previous years, and it must make employees feel; let employees make more money next year!

b. It is to stimulate the motivation and enthusiasm of employees, so that employees have a high degree of enthusiasm for work at the beginning of the new year and quickly enter the working state.

② Drive customers

a. Be sure to invite some of our big customers to attend our annual meeting, make our customers feel sacred at the scene of the annual meeting, thank our customers, and show our team and company culture to customers to convey their impressions to customers. For example, we have invited customers from 5 offices in China, such as NORDISK, WALMART CHINA OFFICE, JYSK, etc. They come to our company to purchase large-capacity water tanks, waterproof backpacks, picnic bags, picnic mats, outdoor bath bags, camping backpacks, collapsible rain buckets and so on.

b. You can invite some prospective customers to attend the annual meeting and let old customers share at the site of the annual meeting to impress new customers and make new customers have a good impression on the company.

③ Pull other forces

a. Invite several upstream and downstream or partners to show them our plan and team, so as to increase their confidence and dependence on us.

b. Invite several local relevant department (or industry) leaders to show them our culture and their traction and contribution to the local (or industry) (such as: we want to become a large taxpayer in a certain area, etc.) to get support

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