Lohas Industrial Co Ltd inspection

- Aug 12, 2020-

Factory inspection

As a manufacturer of outdoor products, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. often receives guests who come to inspect the factory.

Some customers are direct overseas customers. For example, some depend on the production process of foldable rainwater tanks, some depend on the hot pressing process of tree bags, some depend on the size of the factory, and some depend on waterproof backpacks or foldable inflatable cushions. Stop by the factory when packing.

Of course, most of our customers are domestic trading companies. They will also bring foreign guests to the show to see how our picnic backpacks are used, the materials of our picnic mats, and what outdoor products our factory does. Garden products are selling well.

Many customers also questioned why we can produce outdoor products and some garden products at the same time.

In fact, most of their production principles are the same. For example, foldable rainwater collectors can be used outdoors as outdoor products, used for bathing, watering flowers, storing water, and so on. Buckets for garden irrigation.

Plant irrigation bags and tree bags have the same principle. They are waterproof or water-filled products, which can be used as outdoor products and garden products. It is the same as our waterproof bag, except that the product material has been slightly modified.

We are a manufacturer. Usually, many traders who make outdoor products lead customers to our factory for inspection. Our whole factory is also very active in cooperation. This is a win-win strategy.

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