Lohas Industrial Co Ltd development

- Aug 07, 2020-

Yesterday I was chatting with an old guest KIM.

He is an old purchaser of KOOPMAN. The products purchased from our Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. these years include 20L solar shower, collapsible rain barrel, portable pressure shower set, waterproof bags, tree watering bags and air mat.

After all, we have been cooperating with each other for nearly ten years. It can be said that KOOPMAN has witnessed our growth. The company has been established for more than fifteen years.

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has gradually expanded from 20 employees at the beginning to more than 300 workshop employees and more than 50 office employees.

The product line is becoming more and more abundant, from the original waterproof series products, slowly expanding to some camping product lines. Of course, we still focus on water-related products.

KIM said that it is precisely because of our products that KOOPMAN has slowly expanded from the original camping products to our current aquatic products, such as foldable water tanks and waterproof backpacks.

He is very grateful for the current cooperation and hopes that more cooperation in the future can achieve a win-win situation.

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