knowledge of casual bags

- May 29, 2020-

In the previous article of industry knowledge, we shared the mix of 2 casual bags.

Here, we will share two other casual bag matching methods.

The first is the main points of the shoulder bag, let's take a look.

The one-shoulder leisure bag is the best match, and the most casual. As long as the color is not a special alternative, the shoulder bag can basically be matched with any clothing. The leather one should be aimed at the style of clothes. The fashionable canvas material like the canvas republic The shoulder bag does not pick clothes, and can be combined with any style of clothes. The canvas Republic is the mainstay, "the spirit of lively humor" to create a canvas utopia that is relaxed and casual, loves fashion, lives, and environmental protection.

Its stylish casual bag is suitable for those who love environmental protection and are active in the new era of green trends. And now the one-shoulder portable dual-use casual bag is more and more popular, and it will also look very fashionable with simple casual wear.

Then, it is necessary to talk about business casual bags.

Designers add some fashionable elements when designing business bags to make business bags look less formal, but they are very in line with the working environment and can be used in other leisure, sports and entertainment fields. Business casual bag.

Lohas' business and leisure bags are more used in outdoor areas, and can be used for city tours and mountain climbing on weekends.

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