Italian first aid kit production time

- Mar 20, 2020-

Recently, Chinese manufacturers with Italian customers have a headache because the new coronavirus in Italy is very serious. They have started to isolate the entire population and then closed the city.

At present, more than a dozen old customers of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. are all Italian. At present, there are 6 customers who have placed orders. The products are foldable rain buckets, number of 2000 pcs, waterproof backpacks,  5000 pcs fishing buckets,  3,000 pcs  water bag backpacks,   5,000 pieces cooler bag, and 10,000 pcs  First aid kit. Two of them requested cancellations.

What needs to be shipped urgently is the 10,000 piece first aid kits bag. These days we are stepping up to produce this waterproof first aid kit. The first batch of emergency  safety kits can be produced by the end of this month and can be shipped in early April.

With regard to the current situation, the world has received a great impact on the living, working and economic aspects because of the new coronavirus. I just hope that the epidemic will end soon and that everyone can resume their lives and work.

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