Inflatable mat instructions

- May 03, 2020-

Inflatable mat instructions
Reasonable design: Inflatable beds that are not crushed by heavy trucks. The INTEX inflatable bed uses a wave-shaped inflatable design, so that two people of different weights sleep on it, and there will never be a phenomenon that the air runs to the side.

Designed according to the principle of "ergonomics", the buoyancy of air can be used to support the human body evenly, and the bed can be closely fitted to the human body. Comfortable and healthy quality sleep!

The material of inflatable mattress is made of polymer flocking PVC, adopting the seam process and strictly tested according to international standards. The scientific design makes it not only has the beautiful shape of today's beds, but also has the comfort that is unmatched by ordinary beds.

It is made of ultra-strong thermal carbon polymer PVC body, which has anti-wear effect, you can put it directly on the ground. The inflatable bed is small in size and light in weight. The volume after deflation is as large as the volume of ordinary household sheets. It is very light in weight and can be folded up and carried with you.

Application occasions: such as working families who often move, temporary bed making at home and visitor, lunch break in office, travel camping, water leisure, etc.

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