inflatable mat features and folding instructions

- May 11, 2020-

inflatable mat features is below:

1.Waterproof flocking surface and 0.38mm plastic material bottom

2. 3-in-1 valve with widened opening for quick inflation and exhaust

3. Compared with traditional mattress size (length * width), it provides a wider sleeping area and a more convenient way to lay out sheets.

4. The 23cm thick mattress is more soft and comfortable

5. Tough tape, rayon surface, wavy stripe structure

6. Easy to fold, easy to store and travel

Here we would also recommend you some folding way of the inflatable mattress as below:

Folding instructions

Reasonable design: Inflatable beds that are not crushed by heavy trucks. The INTEX inflatable bed uses a wave-shaped inflatable design, so that two people of different weights sleep on it, and there will never be a phenomenon that the air runs all the way to the side.

Designed according to the principle of "ergonomics", the buoyancy of the air can be used to support the human body evenly, so that the bed can fit closely with the human body, and the cervical spine, lumbar spine, and wrists are no longer suspended, which is helpful to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible. Comfortable and healthy quality sleep!

The material is made of polymer flocking PVC, which adopts the seam process and is strictly tested according to international standards. The scientific design makes it not only has the beautiful shape of today's beds, but also has the comfort that is unmatched by ordinary beds.

It is made of super strong thermal carbon polymer PVC body, which has anti-wear effect, you can put it directly on the ground. The inflatable bed is small in size and light in weight. The volume after the air is released is as large as that of ordinary household sheets.

Application occasions: such as working families who often move, temporary bed making at home and visitor, office lunch break, travel camping, water leisure, etc.

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