How to write letters to rain barrel guests?

- Aug 25, 2020-

How to write a letter to a collapsible rain barrel guest?

Outdoor products companies that do export, such as Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd., when developing large-volume buckets, foldable water tanks, tree bags and other products, always need to find suitable buyers to help us sell these outdoor products.

The current best-selling ultra-light waterproof bags are in short supply in summer, but the frequency of use will decrease in winter.

However, there is always a market, and we need to find a way to develop it.

Here, we need to understand that the development letter of the PVC foldable rainwater tank must solve three key problems:

1) Why do customers want to cooperate with me-what benefits can I bring to you?

What is the function of this outdoor bucket? Whether the size, material, quality, price, style, and packing method of the rain bucket meet the requirements of customers.

2) Why should customers believe me-what is my argument?

Explain the reasons, what kind of garden irrigation water bags we can provide, the specifications, lifespan, and shelf life of the tree bags, as well as the production capacity, scale, certificates, and venues of these plant drip irrigation water bags produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd.

3) What do you want the customer to do next-why do you reply to me immediately? If these three issues are handled properly, the development letter will be able to attract the attention of customers and have a higher probability of getting a response.

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