How to work during COVID19?

- Apr 29, 2020-

In China, the new coronavirus is now almost under control, factories and enterprises have resumed work, and all primary and secondary schools have opened.

It seems that everything has returned to its original state. However, in foreign countries, COVID-19 in many countries is still relatively serious, and medical supplies such as masks are still in short supply. Most corporate employees can only work from home. But the situation is getting better and better, it is estimated that the days of resuming work are coming soon.

We have German guests, who have been purchasing tree bags and foldable rain buckets from us, Polish guests, who have been making waterproof bags, shower tents and portable showers, and other countries. One after another, we placed an order.

If possible, during this time, we will discuss the payment method with the customer to get the payment and delivery.

During the epidemic, we remind our guests to do a good job of protection, and it is necessary to wear masks when going out.

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