How to wear Masks?

- Apr 11, 2020-

Common masks are divided into ordinary medical masks and medical surgical masks. The exterior of medical surgical masks is blue, so the blue face is flushed out when worn. And ordinary medical masks are white inside and outside, so when wearing it, you must distinguish the front and back. Regardless of whether it is a medical surgical mask or an ordinary mask, remember that the side with the fixed mask strap must face you, and you can wear it correctly by distinguishing the reverse side. Take the medical surgical mask as an example to demonstrate the correct wearing method, as follows:

1. Before wearing a mask, be sure to keep your hands clean and use a seven-step washing method to clean your hands in a standardized manner to avoid contamination of clean masks with contaminated hands and achieve the best protective effect;

2. When wearing, take the straps on both sides of the mask, and put the straps on both sides on your ears. After wearing the mask, stretch out the mask, cover the bridge of the nose with the top, and cover the chin with the bottom. There is a steel wire on the upper mask, and press the wire with both hands to attach it to the bridge of the nose, which can play a good sealing effect and have the best protection effect;

3. The wearing time of general masks is not recommended to exceed 4 hours, there is no contact with suspected or confirmed patients, no obvious stains and liquid infiltration, you can properly extend the wearing time, but it is not recommended to exceed 24 hours;

4. When contacting a suspected or confirmed patient, especially medical staff in an infectious department ward, when leaving the ward and leaving the patient, the mask must be removed and discarded as medical waste to prevent continued contamination of others.

wear face mask

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