How to use the waterproof bag

- Dec 16, 2019-

How to use the waterproof bag?

Above all, the function of waterproof bag and level should distinguish. Some waterproof bags can only keep out the rain by themselves, but they can't stay in the water all the time. Some waterproof bags can stay in water all the time, but the opening must leak out of sleep because the zipper, the opening is not waterproof.

Really waterproof bag good waterproof accessories, from the zipper to seal are superior, can completely submerged in the bottom. Such waterproof bag is a good typle of waterproof travel bag.

When using a waterproof bag like this, remember the following,

1. put all carry-on things into the waterproof bag, tighten the zipper and seal the opening.

2. Roll the waterproof bag down 2-3 times and buckle it.

It's okay to throw a waterproof bag in the water.

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