How to use the beach mat?

- Jun 02, 2020-

How to use the beach mat

Summer has already arrived. Although there is an epidemic, most countries are in good condition, especially China.

Therefore, many people will choose to play on the beach.

Playing on the beach is definitely a beach sand free mat. So how do you use a foldable beach mat?

First, it is important to choose a large beach mat that is truly sand-proof. Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has produced a sand free mat. Made of high-quality HPDE materials, sand-proof, strong and durable, and can be folded.

Using this beach mat is actually very simple. Just open the sand-proof mat and lay it flat on the beach.

The key point is that when using this beach mat, even if there is sand running into the mat, do not worry, because the sand will automatically leak under the mat to achieve the effect of sand prevention.

After use, shake gently, and all sand will fall from the mat like a sieve. Then fold the beach mat and take it home.

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