How to use the backpack correctly

- Oct 22, 2019-

How to use the backpack correctly

Speaking of big bag, probably a lot of people feel to carry on the back, fasten belt, shoulder belt to go, who won't. But there are still a lot of people carrying uncomfortable, regardless of the wrong choice of backpack, just talk about the correct adjustment and use of the backpack, how can make you more comfortable.

Belt. A common mistake is to actually buckle the belt on the softest part of the waist. The belt, as it is called, should be fastened at the point where the bones of the hip are protruding from the body, using the bones of the hips to support the weight of the backpack. If tied to the waist, it would be uncomfortable and useless.


Shoulder straps. This is a deeper problem. It is necessary to adjust the shoulder system of the backpack so that the shoulder strap is best around the shoulder area. Many people cannot achieve this effect when using the backpack. Sometimes there will be some gaps in the back of the shoulder, and some of them are quite large, so the function of the shoulder system will be weakened.


Center of gravity belt, an adjustable belt that attaches from the top of your shoulder belt to the top of your back, sometimes marked with white or a different color. The strap is used to adjust the center of gravity of the bag so that the weight of the bag is pulled closer to your entire body. Usually this belt will have a high and low two different Japanese word ring for you to choose, according to the already adjusted shoulder length to choose, when you back up the bag to buckle the belt tighten the shoulder belt, to tighten the belt, this belt and your shoulder belt Angle is 20-30 degrees is the most ideal. Do not use the center of gravity adjustment belt, is a lot of new easy to make one of the mistakes.


1. How to carry the backpack: do not lift the backpack directly from the ground to the height of the shoulder. When the backpack is heavy, it is easy to hurt the waist directly to the shoulder. If your backpack is too heavy to carry, place it on your lap. Grab the strap of the backpack and slide one shoulder into the strap, then the other.


2. Adjust the backpack: to adjust the backpack properly, loosen all the straps first. The order in which the straps are tightened is also important. The usual order is the belt, which is tied in the middle around the hip bones.


The shoulder position adjustment belt, pull the shoulder bandage tight to keep the pad close to the shoulder, but avoid overtightening to prevent all weight transfer from the hip to the shoulder. Then adjust the center of gravity belt above the shoulder bandage (near the clavicle). Slowly adjust the two straps to change the position of the backpack on your back and allow the shoulder bandage to sit smoothly against your shoulder.


Generally speaking, adjust the tension belt and horizontal Angle should be between 20-30 degrees, if less than 20 degrees, you should choose to carry a longer backpack, and if greater than 30 degrees, you should choose shorter.

Tighten the belt between the backpack body and the belt, so that the bag body fits tightly with the carrying system.

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