How to use shower tent?

- Dec 19, 2019-

Yesterday, we launched a new shower tent, which is very simple to receive and open.

When opened, it only takes a second or two. It is a quick shower tent that can also be used for bird watching, fishing, toilet, dressing room and other activities.

When you put it away, fold the instructions above the shower tent storage bag and it will take only a minute or two to finish. Therefore, it is especially convenient to carry out outdoor travel and outdoor activities.

Some guests are curious about the shower tent and will ask about the price. Others are interested in it and will ask for samples of the shower tent and all kinds of information. They will also place orders.

A kind of shower tent where a guest comes down to a cabinet at the beginning of this month. The shower tent is packaged with the LOGO of their company on the outside, and the shower bag itself is also with the LOGO. It is ready for shipment at the end of this month.

The shower tent is being manufactured by loh industries LTD. I hope everything goes well and the goods can be delivered on time.

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