How to use mobile phone waterproof bags

- Dec 24, 2019-

In the summer, All area continues to be hot, and water parks and swimming pools have become popular places for the summer heat. Many friends have equipped their mobile phones with waterproof bags in order to record happy times.

There are several considerations that need to remind consumers:

The first thing to say is that mobile phone waterproof bags are not 100% waterproof. The waterproof effect of the waterproof bag is limited, and it must be used in the environment marked by the product to play its due role. Ordinary waterproof bag is just a simple waterproof device, and can not reach the professional technical standards. Water pressure, temperature, and duration of immersion will affect the waterproof effect. Excessive water pressure (e.g. diving, turbulent waters), temperature exceeding a certain limit (e.g. hot water bath, hot spring or low temperature environment), water quality differences (e.g. seawater), etc. can cause poor waterproofing or even failure . Some waterproof bags can only prevent water splashing or splashing, and cannot be soaked in water for a long time. After purchasing, consumers must read the instruction manual carefully to understand, and purchase and use according to their own needs. Never rely on personal experience.

Before use, check the waterproof bag itself for damage, cracks, and the material becomes hard and brittle; after the phone is put in, the air in the bag should be exhausted as far as possible to avoid the air in the bag from rushing the sealing strip in the pressure environment; The sealing condition of the sealing strip should be carefully checked, and the necessary tightness test should be done; pay attention to the storage environment after use. Do not use waterproof bags that have been aged for a long time.

After understanding the function and precautions of the waterproof bag, it is the purchase. Waterproof bags are sold in shops around swimming pools, water parks, and hot springs. When buying, it is best to choose waterproof bags with many seals and thick textures. When buying in a physical store, you need to keep the waterproof bag in good condition, logo, and use Instructions, certificates, etc. are inspected to avoid buying fake and shoddy products. Waterproof bags sold in some online stores are even more "cabbage prices". Consumers must avoid the greed and cheapness, and choose large shopping malls to buy branded goods to ensure the safety of use.

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