How to use Facebook find dry bag customers

- Nov 11, 2019-

How does Facebook tap into outdoor gardening customers?

For example, we are looking for a waterproof bag of guests, how should we find such guests?

1 direct search you think is a waterproof bag demand customer keywords, find people after contact. For example, search waterproof bag buyers, waterproof bag buyers, water bag retailers, waterproof bag companies and so on.

2. Search relevant groups and apply to publish information about waterproof bag in the group. You can publish materials of waterproof bag, craft of waterproof bag, selling point of waterproof bag, performance of waterproof bag, etc. When in Rome, do as the Romans do

3 put targeted crowd ads on facebook, especially those with waterproof bags, waterproof bags, super waterproof travel bags and travel bags.

4 after adding some friends on the home page published outdoor garden product company information video, release waterproof bag use information, go out with waterproof bag travel video

5. For other customers, you can invite customers to add your facebook friends to facilitate online interaction

6.Self-built group, when king of the mountain

FACEBOOK is adding people and companies in the same industry with waterproof bags, and then looking for people based on similar waterproof products in the same industry

Wait for more people to release a description of a waterproof product or aquatic product company

To attract more people to pay attention to you.

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