How to use an inflatable bed?

- May 08, 2020-

How to use an inflatable bed?

a. The air bed can be inflated immediately after being repurchased, but it can be used 8 hours after the first inflation (preferably 12 hours), because the airbed and the seam need a buffer process; use 2 days before the new bed, Try not to be upset. (The temperature difference between the north and the south is large in winter. Please do not inflate immediately after receiving the items. After leaving the room temperature environment for ten hours, wait for the material to be slightly Microsoftized before inflating to prevent the material from hardening due to low temperature and accidental damage due to external forces )。

b. During the first week to two weeks after the first inflation, the self-inflatable air bed will be a bit slack, which is normal, because the material of the air bed has some elasticity, and the bed body will expand and become soft after the inflation. Feeling lax, as long as you re-inflate to achieve the desired effect, but you ca n’t inflate it; it is recommended to be 8 points full. If you play too full, it may cause phenomena such as bulging and cause inflatable air bed damage;

c. One person can get enough gas, and two people should release some gas; the temperature changes during the season change, the gas in the bed expands, pay attention to the gas.

d. When the temperature drops, the bed will become soft, pay attention to insufflation; any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak air, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to regular insufflation.

e. Do not inflate enough at any time (especially in summer), otherwise the pull strap in the bed will be overloaded and break, causing the bed surface to bulge.

f. Make sure there are no sharp objects such as nails or thorns on the bed or bed frame.

g. If used in water, make sure that the suede is facing up, and children should use it under adult supervision.

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