How to use a backpack

- Mar 26, 2020-

For large backpacks with a volume of 50 liters or more, when putting items, put heavy objects that are not afraid of bumps on the lower part. After placing them, it is best that the backpack can stand alone. If there are more heavy objects, put the heavy objects in the bag evenly. And close to the side of the body, so that the overall center of gravity will not fall back.

There is skill on the shoulders of the backpack. Put the backpack at a certain height, put your shoulders into the shoulder straps, lean forward, and stand on your legs. This is a more convenient way. If there is no place to lift, use both hands to lift the backpack,  place it on one knee, face the strap, control the bag with one hand, and turn the shoulder strap quickly with the other hand, so that one arm enters the shoulder strap, and then the other arm enter.

After carrying the bag, tighten the belt to make the crotch receive the heaviest force, buckle the chest strap, and tighten it so that the backpack does not feel a drop. When walking, pull the shoulder strap with the hands to adjust. Belt, the body leans forward slightly. In this way, gravity is actually on the waist and hips when walking. There is no pressure on the back. In case of unexpected events, the upper limbs can be flexible. When passing through rapids and steep areas without protection, the shoulder strap should be relaxed, and the waist belt and chest strap should be opened so that in case of danger, the bag can be separated as quickly as possible.

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