How to urge guests to make a payment?

- Aug 03, 2020-

When is it appropriate to urge guests to make a payment?

Let's look at the real dunning experience of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd.

First: be patient, calm, and not rushed.

  The customer has confirmed the order and even promised to pay within a certain period of time, but the payment has been delayed for an indefinite period. There must be a customer's own reason, and only the customer knows the reason. For example, a customer places an order for a 20L foldable waterproof bag, and the delivery date is at the end of August, and payment must be made at this time, otherwise the outdoor batch of waterproof bags will be delayed, or they may worry that the order will disappear. You must have patience during this period, and you must remember the core point, that is, don't be impatient and don't mess around. In fact, customers know your mood and your urgency. So you have to be patient and don't pay too much frequency. Too frequent will cause customers to resent, and even some customers will seize your urgency, which will in turn pressure your price, so be sure to remember.

Second: Dunning communication skills

 In such a situation, many salespersons, especially salespersons with high performance appraisal, will be anxious like ants on a hot pot, and even dream about it at night, and even send emails a day. According to my experience, there are generally two situations when you send customer dunning emails

First: The customer will explain the reason for the delay

In such a situation, you don't need to worry about it, because this situation is still good, and the order is still under control. You need to trust and fully understand the reasons why customers are delayed in placing orders. Analyze the importance of the customer's failure to pay because your own work is not in place. If there is any, please correct it quickly. For example, the customer is not very clear about a specific detail of the waterproof bag, so they need to explain.

For example, the price of waterproof bags is not considered very competitive by customers and needs to be considered again.

Or, the customer is not in a hurry for the delivery of the waterproof bag list, so the payment is delayed.

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