How to treat the problem of camping tents?

- Aug 14, 2020-

How to treat the after-sales problem of camping tents?

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has been committed to making outdoor products. The company’s camping tents, camping sleeping bags, inflatable cushions, outdoor backpacks and other products are well received at home and abroad.

However, no matter how perfect the product is, in the eyes of some discerning customers, there are always deficiencies.

For example, a Japanese customer said that the installation of a camping tent is cumbersome, what should I do?

To deal with such problems, first of all, we have to take a look at the specific installation steps of the camping tent.

Check whether the camping tent has installation video or installation instructions.

If not, the customer may not know how to install it, so it will feel cumbersome. At this time, you can specifically inform the guests of the installation method of the outdoor tent, or you can place the instructions when producing large quantities of foldable tents.

Secondly, if the guest understands how to install, if he still finds it very cumbersome, can he recommend installation-free tents, such as quick-opening tents. Just throw the tent out and it will open automatically.

Or, draw the customer’s attention to solving the problem. Let the customer make good suggestions. It is really out of our expectation. We must find out a solution to get out, do you have any good ideas?

 Let customers feel that you are actively working to solve the problem, rather than care about who should bear the loss.

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