How to test the capacity of tree hydration bags?

- Oct 28, 2020-

How to test the capacity of plant watering bag?

There are various ways to inspect tree bags. When inspecting goods, we will check the firmness of the shrub watering bags, the quality of the tree bags, and the packaging of the tree bags.

So how do we check the capacity of tree bags?

Let's take a look together.

Since the tree bag for watering is used to water the tree, it must be the safest way to test the capacity.

First, we need to fill the tree bag with water, open the color label of the tree watering bag for large trees, you can see the water inlet, and then extend the water pipe from the water inlet to fill the water.

Secondly, after filling with water, put the tree bag on the mat to weigh the weight of the tree bag. Generally, the weight after filling with water can roughly know the filling capacity of the water bag.

Finally, if you want to test the use time of the tree drip bag, you can actually wrap the tree bag directly on the tree, and then directly fill it with water to test, and see the time for the tree bag to drip to the root of the tree, which is generally 5-8 hours.

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