How to take a shower in a shower tent?

- May 14, 2020-

How to take a shower in a shower tent?

As summer approaches, more and more people choose to go on short outdoor trips. If it is not convenient to take a bath in the mountain area, you can take a shower tent and a bathing bag.

The shower tent produced by LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. is a quick-open shower tent. It is waterproof and UV-resistant. At the same time, there are lanyards and mesh bags inside the waterproof tent. The lanyard is convenient for hanging towels. The mesh bags can hold toiletries such as soap and shower gel.

The most incredible thing is that this shower tent can be folded, and the folded size is only a circle less than 50 cm. You can put it in the trunk of the car or you can carry it on your body.

When taking a shower, put a shower bag and fill it with water. Close the water inlet, when you want to take a bath, you can put it in the sun for half an hour if you are afraid of cold water. Or you can open the sprinkler directly, the water will flow out from the sprinkler, and you can take a shower. When putting the bathing water bag in the foldable shower tent, it is very safe and privacy is guaranteed.

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