How to ship waterproof bags when typhoons come?

- Aug 04, 2020-

How to ship waterproof bags when typhoons come?

As soon as August entered, two typhoons, "Senrak" and "Hagueby", broke out one after another, breaking the "empty platform" situation that was more than a month old.

Typhoon "Senrak" has landed in Vietnam. Typhoon No. 4 "Hagupit" strengthened from a severe tropical storm to a typhoon at 14:00 today, and is approaching the eastern coast of China. Landing along the coast from Wenling, Zhejiang to Cangnan.

In the event of a typhoon, some of the shipment orders of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd., such as foldable rain buckets and waterproof backpacks, will be affected.

In fact, for rainy weather, the outdoor rainwater tank is originally used to hold water. Although the foldable waterproof bag is used to hold things, its waterproof performance is very strong, and water is not a problem.

It stands to reason that such waterproof products are not afraid of typhoons and rains, but if they are shipped in large quantities, 225L rain buckets, large-volume water tanks, shower irrigation bags, etc., always need to be packed in color boxes, and then they are all packed Outer box.

Generally, the outer box is not waterproof. When it rains, the outer box will become wet and deformed. Affect sales.

Therefore, during a typhoon and rainy day, if you really want to ship, remember to cover the outer boxes of outdoor rain barrels with waterproof materials to ensure that the outer boxes are dry.

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