How to ship dry bags from China to Europe

- Oct 27, 2020-

How to ship waterproof bags from China to Europe?

After September every year, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. is a super busy day, with orders for waterproof bags, rain buckets, tree bags, camping inflatable cushions, camping tents, picnic ice packs, picnic mats and other products. Therefore, shipping is also a big project.

So how do we send outdoor products from China to Europe or other countries? Let's take the waterproof bag outdoor as an example.

First of all, before the production of waterproof bag travel is almost completed, you need to make a booking with the shipping company to confirm when the waterproof dry bag will be finished. If there are a lot of them, you need to take containers to ship waterproof bag with zipper to specific ports in Europe or the United States.

Secondly, when the date of towing the waterproof zip bag is reached, submit the customs declaration information of the waterproof bag with belt in advance, and then arrange the container to go to our factory to put the waterproof bag for camera in, and then pull it to the Shanghai port.

Again, waiting for the ship to leave the port. Generally speaking, from China to Europe, it takes about 30 working days for the waterproof bag to reach the European port.

Finally, the customer takes the waterproof bag with the bill of lading and other information to get the waterproof bag.

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