How to ship collapsible rain barrel ?

- Jun 11, 2020-

Generally speaking, the collapsible rainwater collecting bucket does not need to be afraid of water, because the rainwater tank made of this PVC mesh cloth material is specially used to collect rainwater and hold water.

However, before this foldable water tank is used, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. will fold it, wrap it with PE bags, and then put it in the outer box of the rain bucket, which is convenient for transportation.

Moreover, many customers will print their design content on the outer packaging box of the foldable rainwater collector. This will let everyone understand how the rainwater tank we made is used, or how it looks.

Moreover, after customers receive a large amount of 225L rainwater tank, the intact packaging is conducive to sales.

Therefore, packaging is also very important. It is important to keep the folding rainwater tank that can be stored intact as always.

When transporting rainwater collectors on rainy days, especially when loading cabinets, be sure to load the goods indoors to ensure that all rainwater collection barrels cannot be wetted by the rain, so as to prevent the outer box from being wet and affecting sales.

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