how to pack a mountaineering bag?

- Mar 16, 2020-

Generally, when traveling outdoors, the mountaineering bag will be full. So how to pack the mountaineering bag reasonably? Here we introduce how to pack a mountaineering bag.

1. Whether a bag is good or bad depends on whether you can put it on the ground and stand up yourself. If you can do this, you will be half successful. 2. Make the most of the space in the bag. Fill small, irregular spaces inside with something soft, such as clothes and socks.

3. Minimize the carrying of hard and heavy objects. If you have a glass bottle, replace it with a plastic bottle. If you have a carton or iron box outside the box, remove it to reduce weight.

4. Try to carry as many items as possible. Every time I come back, think about something that is not useful this time, so I can leave it next time (except for the necessary biological products such as dao, rope, whistle, raincoat, emergency backup dry food and a little drinking water).

5. Try not to hang out. The tent can be disassembled, insert the account pole into the bag, and fold the inside and outside accounts into the bag. If the moistureproof cushion is not an air cushion, you can tie it to the side of the bag. Try not to put it on the top or lower part of the bag. Walking in the jungle can be troublesome.

Packing a backpack is not to throw everything into the backpack, but to carry it comfortably and walk happily.

Generally heavy items are placed on the top, so that the center of gravity of the backpack is higher, so that the person carrying the waist can be straightened during the march. However, the center of gravity of the intermediate mountain must be lowered to allow the body to bend and walk between the trees, or march For climbing terrain on bare rock collapse walls, the back pack filling center of gravity during climbing (climbing backpack) is close to the pelvic position, which is the center point of the body's rotation, to prevent the weight of the backpack from moving to the shoulder. During the hiking process, the back pack filling center of gravity can be higher and close to the back. .

The heavier equipment is placed on the top and back, such as: stoves, cookers, heavy food, rain gear, water bottles, and the center of gravity is too low or away from the back, which will cause the body to bend and walk. The tent must be tied with an umbrella strap. Put fuel oil and water on the top of the backpack separately to avoid contamination of food and clothing. Secondary heavy items should be placed in the center and lower side straps of the backpack, such as spare clothing (must be sealed in plastic bags and the straps should be identified with different colors so that they are easily identifiable) , Personal appliances, headlights, maps, compass, camera, light items are tied below, such as sleeping bags (must be sealed with waterproof bags), camp poles can be placed in side pockets, sleeping pads or placed behind backpacks. Backpacks must be prepared The straps are used to tie things such as tripods, camp posts, or in side pockets.

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