How to make orders ship ealier

- Feb 07, 2020-

Recently, because of the new coronavirus, many factories and enterprises have been unable to start on time.

At present, the Chinese government requires that all companies go to work no earlier than February 10. If the situation is serious, it may also extend working hours.

At present, all primary and secondary schools have been scheduled to open after March. Therefore, to a certain extent, work hours will also be delayed.

As a result, many of the orders left by all enterprises could not be produced. For example, our company, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd., took many orders. Currently, it cannot deliver on time. Because of factory workers' night shifts, temporarily The customer said that all the goods were delayed by half a month. Such as foldable rain buckets, such as bush water bags, such as waterproof backpacks, hiking backpacks and so on. Several other shipments have been prepared, such as tree bags from German customers, and portable pressure bags from Russia have been packed, but are still communicating with the freight forwarder, and the goods will be dispatched as soon as possible.

In this case, all enterprises must be well prepared to communicate with customers, and all processes from raw materials to shipment must be carefully and carefully prepared for emergencies.

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