How to make a waterproof document bag

- Jul 13, 2020-

How to make a waterproof document bag

The waterproof document bag must first be waterproof and able to hold documents.

Therefore, generally on the material, will choose waterproof materials, PVC, TPU, Oxford cloth, etc.

Secondly, the size of this kind of file bag is different, and some have different sizes as a suit. The small waterproof bag is used for small items such as wallets, mobile phones, and keys. The medium waterproof bag can hold IPAD, documents, etc., and the large file bag can hold textbooks, test papers, maps, etc.

Once again, the top of the document bag must be equipped with a zipper, and the top waterproof document bag must be equipped with a waterproof zipper. Because only the zipper is waterproof, during heavy rain, heavy rain will not seep through the zipper gap, so as to ensure that the document bag is 100% waterproof.

Finally, during the manufacturing process, the processing technology used for this waterproof bag is always made by hot pressing with a machine. The process of high-frequency hot pressing can once again ensure the sealing and waterproofness of the document bag.

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