How to install the foldable rainwater tank?

- Jan 06, 2020-

How to install the foldable rainwater tank?

In recent years, more and more foldable rain buckets have been favored by the majority of outdoor garden enthusiasts. In the process of widespread use, many people still do not know how to install this rainwater tank.

If you do not do it correctly during the installation process, for example, you have forgotten to install the rubber gasket at the water inlet or outlet of the foldable rain bucket, or the filter of the cover part is reversed, etc., then some unnecessary trouble may occur.

Installation is actually very simple, with instructions in it. Complete the installation instructions to do it.

First, open the rain bucket and place the gaskets at the water outlet and the water inlet on the outside and inside of the foldable rainwater tank with waterproof gaskets.

Then, screw the faucet or overflow valve corresponding to the collapsible rain bucket firmly.

Once again, fit the support poles of the rain bucket.

Finally, screw in the filter on the rain bucket cover. The entire installation process takes up to five minutes.

And this folding rainwater bucket only needs to be manually installed when it is installed, and it can easily complete its installation process without the help of other auxiliary tools. Very simple and convenient.

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