How to inspect tree watering bag?

- Oct 26, 2020-

It’s not long before the end of the year, and Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has been busy recently. Containers come in and out every day, and many goods need to be loaded and shipped. The most recent shipments are tree bags, waterproof bags, foldable rain buckets, picnic bags and outdoor inflatable cushions.

Yesterday was the weekend, but some customers arranged for a third-party inspection company to inspect the goods. A Danish customer asked to inspect thewater bags for trees. The inspectors will not only carefully inspect the tree watering bag, but also take a lot of pictures about the details of the watering bag. As a manufacturer of tree bags, we must be very cooperative when customers have such requirements. The photos taken after the third-party inspection company came to inspect the bulk tree irrigation bags are as follows:

1. Pictures of tree bag hot pressing, sewing and packaging process

2. Picture of slow release watering bag installation process

3. Picture of stacking before bulk packaging.

4. Picture of the stacking of outer boxes after bulk packaging. Mark clearly

5. Different color card tree water bags with detailed pictures of a single product must be photographed.

6. The product and the outer box mark should be photographed together. Different color card self watering tree bags should be photographed with the corresponding outer box mark. This is to avoid loading and mixing.

7. The water bag for new trees that need to be palletized and sent out separately are separated from other tree bags. Diagram of the palletizing process (A. The picture after the goods are piled on the pallet, you can see the mark. b. The picture after the transparent film is wrapped c. The picture after the pallet is completed)

8. The picture of water filling test of drip bags for trees, one for each of different color card tree bags. (A. Test pictures for leaks except for water outlets. You can hang up the tree bags, put 4 tree bags together and take the overall picture + individual picture. b Test the time when the water leak is completed.)

9. The process diagram of container loading, please refer to the picture data of the last loading for details.

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