How to identify garden irrigation water bags?

- Jan 09, 2020-

How to identify garden irrigation water bags?

All garden irrigation water bags produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. are foldable for easy transportation and carrying.

Our factory currently produces four different materials tree watering bags for watering the trees.

One kind of tree bag material is PE clip mesh material. This material is recyclable and reusable. The material is lightweight and waterproof, and the quality is super good. It is very popular with consumers in Europe and the United States. The size of this garden irrigation bag is 75-120L, 15-32gallon.

One kind of tree bag is made of PVC mesh. This water bag material is very thick. The Watering bag for bushes itself is strong and durable, not easy to age, and is also popular.

The sacks of the above two materials are usually filled with water for 5-8 hours. The shape of the sack is a watering bags for trees in the shape of a vest.

The third type of tree irrigation bag is made of PE. This PE shrub watering bag is cheap and extremely low in price. The bottom itself is not hot-pressed and not waterproof. It intentionally allows water to flow out. The water inlet of the water bag is not sealed and can be filled directly. Convenient and simple.

The fourth type of irragtion water bag is round, made of PVC, and the color is brown. Can be used for shrubs, small saplings, gardens and other drip irrigation plants.

tree watering bags

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