How to fix the delivery date to the customer?

- May 21, 2020-

How to quickly explain the delivery date to the customer?

When communicating with customers, suppliers of outdoor supplies or garden supplies will inevitably encounter problems such as delayed delivery.

So what should we do at this time?

In the past two days, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. has received a new list of waterproof picnic mats, the number of which is 20,000 pcs. This list of foldable picnic mats is from the Dutch customers, and the delivery date is required at the end of June.

Because it is the peak season now, and because of the epidemic, the list of products cancelled by the previous guests, the picnic ice pack, or the waterproof backpack, or the water bag and other products have been down in this period of time.

Therefore, the Dutch guests asked for the 20,000 outdoor foldable beach mats, and delivery was indeed difficult at the end of June. We worked hard to negotiate with our customers and set the delivery date on July 5.

In 5 days, we can produce all these extra two-person picnic mats. Therefore, the guests readily agreed.

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