How to deal with a enquiry for a factory?

- Jun 03, 2020-

For manufacturers of outdoor products and garden products, they often receive some enquiries.

Some enquiries are very clear, for example, guests want foldable rainwater collection buckets, want the price of garden irrigation water bags, want to develop new style picnic mats, or camping tents.

For example, in the following enquiry, it is clear what product is required, which is a shower tent.

Hello. I am interested in this automatic shower tent, what price is it?

For such enquiries, we generally reply as follows:

Hello there,

Very happy to receive your inquiry.

We are a factory producing shower pop-up tents. Regarding the shower tent you are interested in, how many do you need?

Due to the different quantity, the price is also different. After receiving your reply, we will quote you immediately. Thank you.

Then adjust the email sending strategy at any time according to the guest's reply.

However, some general enquiries are sometimes received. What is a general inquiry?

For example, the inquiry received a few days ago is like this.

We are very interested in your products, please tell us the packaging information, price, delivery time, etc.

There is no product mentioned in the inquiry. At this time, we generally do not offer all products to our customers.

Instead, it will first check the customer's information, and then provide a sample picture or a best-selling picture, let the customer choose which product they need, and then respond to them in a targeted manner.

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