How to contact with outdoor garden goods buyers 1

- Nov 19, 2019-

I'll list some mistakes that most of my friends often make when they write email. You can have a look and compare yourself. How many of them do you have? Next, we will discuss how to write the development letter. Ha-ha.

1) the email is too long. Guest's time is very precious. Hundreds of emails are sent to you every day. Think about it. An unknown person sent you a long and smelly email. The English expression is not good, and several m attachments are added. Would you read it carefully? And many foreigners have a strong sense of time. Every day, they have several fixed blocks of time to deal with email. As long as it's not sent by his acquaintances, it's usually deleted directly or set your address as spam.

I asked a lot of Western European customers that the time they usually take to process each email is 2-3 seconds, that is, to roughly scan an important email, generally read it carefully and reply immediately, not too important, they will mark the specific time to be processed in the outlook, and then pull it from the inbox to the corresponding subdirectory. In other words, as long as the guest's email address is correct and the right person you are looking for, your development letter can only stay in front of him for 2-3 seconds, which is the moment of destiny. In this case, how dare you write a long email?

2) there is no clear theme. An ambiguous subject will make the guest not interested in opening the stranger's email at all. This requires experience, and the content should be concise and comprehensive. It can directly attract customers to click and open e-mail through the subject, and the purpose is achieved. As for his reaction after reading, it depends on the actual situation and the skill of your content. Some people will set the subject as follows when they write an email: "we are the manufacturer of Camp Shower", or "need cooperation", or "Guangdong * * * Trading Company Ltd", or "price list for tree water bag Guangdong * * * collapseable rain barrel Trading Company Ltd" and so on. They will know it is a sales letter at a glance. When you receive a sales letter in a week, you may be interested in reading it. But if you receive n sales letters in a day, you may be bored. It's polite to delete them directly. So how to write the theme and let the guest know whether it's a sales letter or can't help but open it? It will be judged according to the situation.

For example, I'm LOHAS Industrial Co. Ltd, a company that makes outdoor products. At present, the company's largest customer is the American Outdoor depot. Although it may be done through traders, not direct cooperation, it can be used as a chip to develop new customers! If I want to write a development letter to ABC Inc in the United States, I have learned some information about this company from Google. I know that they are importers of the United States. They do outdoor camping series, such as outdoor sleeping bags, outdoor tents, picnic mats, picnic bags, showers, shower rooms, bathing bags, etc. I hope to try to develop this guest. I usually write the theme, "re: ABC Inc"/ Outdoor Depot vendor-solar shower /Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd.”

In this way, if you find the right person, it's the buyer of outdoor products of ABC company, or one of its directors, and suddenly one day you receive an email with such a subject. Wow, the supplier of outdoor depot has found it. It's great. Should we see if there is a cooperation opportunity, is it better than the original supplier? The probability of his opening the email is very, very high! Besides, another advantage of this theme setting is that even if the guest doesn't return your email for the time being, he just put it in his inbox, but one day he suddenly wants you to quote, so it's easy to find this email! As long as the keyword is entered into the outdoor depot, it is guaranteed to be found immediately.

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