How to contact with outdoor garden goods buyers?

- Nov 19, 2019-

Many sales friends often complain that the effect of developing letters is very poor. Dozens of letters are returned out of 100, and the rest is a sea of stone. It's hard for a foreigner to say "no, thanks." and you'll be excited for half a day.

In fact, have you ever thought that such an approach would seriously frustrate your enthusiasm. Imagine sitting in front of the computer for 12 hours a day, searching for guest information from Google and all kinds of yellow pages, sending out a development letter, going home tired at night, waiting for the next day when you want to go to work, the mailbox is full of all kinds of refunds. How do you feel?

When I graduated from college, I started as a business assistant and a merchandiser. Later, I worked as a sales manager, a PA to director, and now as a buyer. I changed jobs and experienced various problems. At that time, there was such a period of time, day and night to send sales letters, find new customers, endless quotation, but the effect was very small. Later, I got to know a lot of different guests and found that the original development letter was very problematic. Many foreigners also do sales and write development letters. Why is the transaction rate much higher than us? Even if we don't say the turnover rate, the response rate is much higher than ours?

Many of the newly graduated friends are from the international trade major. They have learned the course of foreign trade correspondence. The teachers have repeatedly taught you how to write business letters, how to reply inquiries and so on. In fact, these teaching materials are almost compiled by people from the college. They are not old-fashioned things, but basically divorced from reality. Many teachers stay in school all their lives and never do foreign trade. How can you expect to learn the essence of writing business letters from them? A good email must imitate the way foreigners write, especially the native English speakers! Even if your email is well written, grammar is excellent, and there are no mistakes in the whole article, you can get full marks in the University, but after the guests receive it, how do you feel. I think that when you write email to guests, you must forget the Chinese way of writing and thinking, and think and write email according to the habits of European and American people, so that guests can regard you as the same kind.

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