How to construct and fold a camping tent

- Dec 02, 2019-


[tent construction method] here is a simple tent construction method:

Take out the tent and accessories

1. First, spread out the tent on the ground, face the bottom down, and level the folds.

2. Take out the bracket. The tent is supported by the cross bracket. The bracket can be folded and connected.

3. The tent has a hole for inserting the bracket at a cross position, from which the bracket can be penetrated into the tent.

4. Then clip the bracket of the bracket onto the first hole of the belt at the four corners of the tent. As long as the four supports are well supported, the tent is basically formed.

5. Fix another hole on the four corner belt on the ground with the buckle pin inserted into the ground.

Folding tent method

One clap: put the palms of both hands down on any diagonal of the middle bracket, and pat down with a little force, and the tent will return to the state before opening.

One wrap: fold the four corners of the tent inward and put them away.

There is also a small detail when wrapping, that is, when the joint between the outermost section and the middle section needs to be folded, it should be gently pulled outwards.

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