How to clean waterproof travel bags

- Mar 05, 2020-

Here are several common cleaning methods for outdoor waterproof travel bags as below:

1. Wash again, rinse with neutral soap. Then wrap paper towels on the outside and air dry. 2. Buy an eraser (preferably the white one). 3. Insert it with wind oil essence first, and then use white toothpaste. 4. Dip a little egg white with a towel and wipe the dirty place. The dirt is gone in a few clicks. 5. Wipe with cotton dipped in wind oil essence. 6. Wipe off the toothpaste with a cloth. 7. Add white vinegar to warm water for washing. White vinegar has a cleaning effect on many pigments and organics in daily life! 8. Meijiewang leather cleaning specially designed for heavy dirt and white leather. 9, 50g milk, 20g alcohol, 30g dishwashing liquid, add an appropriate amount of water, brush with a soft brush. Extended information:

Cloth travel bag cleaning is more convenient. If it is a leather bag, do not use chemicals as much as possible, it is easy to fade or open the glue. The cloth bag can be washed freely, that is, strong alkali and acid washing products cannot be used.

The purse travel bag was slightly washed with a towel and wiped gently. Wipe as little as possible in the patterned area. After wiping, wipe it with a towel moistened with clean water, and place it in a cool place until it is dry. Use a soft fur towel to be gentle, and do not use care to pattern carefully.

When carrying a white travel bag, try not to wear a colored coat. White things that are slightly different in color can be seen clearly. If it is a pure leather bag, if the color is not easy to fall, buy some sheep oil to rub.

When cleaning the cloth outdoor travel bag, do not use a hard brush, it is best to use a small children's toothbrush, a special soft-bristled brush, and cover it with a pocket after brushing to prevent falling dust. When hanging, do not distort it. Shape, otherwise it will deform.

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