How to clean the picnic mats?

- May 25, 2020-

How to clean the picnic mats?

As summer approaches, the frequency of using picnic mats is getting higher and higher, but how should I clean the picnic mat after it is soiled?

First of all, if it is a beach picnic mat made of FPDE material, this picnic mat can be washed directly with water and immediately cleaned. It is a very dirty beach mat. And fashionable, strong materials, the most important point is that this beach mat can prevent sand, preventing sand from staying on the mat.

Secondly, if it is nylon material, it is not very dirty, you can directly wipe off the picnic mat with a damp cloth.

Again, if it is a flannel picnic mat, except for wiping it with a rag, if it is really dirty, you can roll up the oversized outdoor mat directly and put it in the washing machine to wash it. After washing it, let it dry under the sun or in a ventilated place. can.

After cleaning, the picnic mat after drying is clean again. Remember to fold it up when not in use, which not only saves space but also ensures that the mat is no longer dirty.

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