how to clean the picnic mat or picnic bag

- Apr 15, 2020-

The weather is fine. When you go out to play, you can bring a picnic mat and get a picnic bag. If you are tired of playing, you can find an open space. Open the outdoor mat and shop directly above. Take out the food in the picnic bag. I want to use it directly. wonderful.

However, how to clean the picnic mat or picnic travel bag after use?

The cleaning of picnic mats is very convenient. You can throw it directly into the washing machine, just like normal laundry.

Fleece picnic mats are generally made of chemical fiber fabrics. After washing and dehydrating, they are treated with gold textile fabric softener to prevent static electricity.

After washing the washing machine, just take the picnic mat outdoors to dry.

If the picnic bag is dirty, wipe the picnic backpack with a brush or a damp rag, and then dry it.

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