How to clean the dust off the tent

- Apr 23, 2019-

Tents are necessary for us to go out, and it may be difficult for us to store them after we have used them. Generally, we store tents by folding, but folding and storage can easily cause the loss of waterproof strips of tents. Do you know how to store them correctly? Here is a brief introduction.

1. After use, the tent should be cleaned in time to remove dust and attachments, and the moisture and air on both sides of the fabric should be wiped off, and folded for storage after it is completely dry. This is very important. If the storage is not completely dry, it is easy to make the fabric mildew and adhesion and other problems. Affect the life of the tent!

2. After the tent is completely dry and folded for storage, try not to put other items on the tent, so as not to cause permanent fatigue and degumming at the bend of the waterproof strip material. (a personal rule of thumb is to find a carton of tents.) I think many friends have more than one tent, so the special storage is also conducive to the storage of equipment.

3, regularly or irregularly will be out of the tent to cool the sun (avoid direct sunlight) for half a day, re-arrange and then fold storage, such a benefit is, can prevent the tent fabric mildew and adhesion, but also make the tent bending waterproof rubber strip will not produce permanent fatigue, extend the overall service life of the tent.

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