How to choose tree watering bag materail

- Oct 28, 2019-

The Bush watering bag is actually the water bag. 

First of all, the bush bag must be waterproof and can hold water.

 Secondly, the bags for irrigation must be firm, because all bushes are grown outdoors, and they must be firm and durable under various natural and unprotected conditions. 

Then the bag also needs to accept wind, rain and sunshine. Baptism. It is self-evident that ultraviolet is destructive. Therefore, it must also be UV resistant.

Therefore, generally speaking, when choosing Bush water bag, we will consider the above characteristics and choose one or several suitable materials as the final materials of Bush filling bag according to the existing materials.

Here are two materials that we carefully selected.

Tree bag material, usually we have PVC mesh, PE mesh. We have 300D, 500D and 1000D density and thickness PVC cloth. However, according to the weight of the different, there are different kinds of polyethylene mesh. 240gms, 200gms, 300gms, purchasers can choose carefully according to their needs.

automatic watering bag

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