How to choose outdoor products when travelling ?

- May 23, 2020-

Outdoor travel concepts are many and varied. Broadly speaking, all non-indoor tourism can be called outdoor tourism, and there is no distinction between traditional tourism activities. There are also many opinions about the concept of outdoor tourism in China, such as outdoor self-help tourism, outdoor tourism, outdoor leisure tourism, outdoor sports tourism and so on.

For outdoor self-help travel, you can bring a barbecue grill, picnic mat, picnic backpack, milk bread beer, etc., and then bring a foldable leisure chair, a foldable dining table, meet three or five friends, drink beer, chat, and have a good life.

Alternatively, you can bring a hammock and lie on it to read a book, which is also very casual.

When you go out overnight, you have to take a bath. You can bring a shower tent and a portable shower bag, fill the  camping shower bag with water, turn on the shower head, take a shower directly in the shower tent, and change to comfortable clothes. Easily solve the problem of changing clothes in the outdoor bath or going to the bathroom.

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