How to choose a right fishing bucket?

- Dec 30, 2019-

A fishing bucket is inevitable when going fishing. So how do newbies choose a suitable fishing bucket?

1. Determine the size and capacity of the fishing bucket. If you want to catch a big fish, you must buy a bigger fishing bucket. If you want to catch a small fish, you can buy a smaller bucket.

2. Because it is an outdoor pond and reservoir fishing, it is best to fold the fishing bucket. Convenient to carry, good anti-extrusion performance, strong thermal insulation, lightweight suitable for long-distance carrying; and strong.

3. Of course, the fishing bucket must be able to hold water, and the material must be waterproof and not easy to age. Wear-resistant and waterproof, not easy to age, and it is not easy to be damaged after repeated folding, which is easy to carry;

4. Both sides of the bait bucket and seams are treated with high-pressure crimping seams, which are strong and do not open;

5. The inside of the water barrel is smooth and easy to wash;

6 Comes with a strap for carrying and carrying

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