How to choose a picnic bag

- Feb 10, 2020-

Although the appearance is no different from an ordinary backpack, in fact, the internal configuration is complete, like a mobile "treasure chest".

 Picnic bags usually use 600D Oxford cloth waterproof fabric, PE cotton lined inside, tough and stylish. The standard picnic bag consists of a pantry, a food bin and a side bucket, and some also have carpet. The pantry is usually in front. It is equipped with the complete tableware for picnics, including knives, forks, spoons, mugs, western napkins, butter boxes, salt and pepper bottles, bottle openers, portable cutting boards, etc. Organize in order.

According to the condition of the tableware configuration, the picnic bag is divided into two and four. The two-person picnic bag is equipped with tableware for two people, and the four-person picnic bag has four sets of tableware.

How to choose a picnic bag

1. Young couples should choose a picnic bag for two

The beautifully shaped picnic bag for two brings a lot of fun for couples traveling. Choose a good bag type, and according to the bag type, match a variety of picnic accessories in the tableware compartment, such as: knife and fork spoon, acrylic wine glass, cotton napkin, imitation porcelain plate, bottle opener, portable cutting board, environmental protection Bags etc. 6-8 hours of insulated food warehouse to ensure fresh food. Bring a bottle of authentic wine and enjoy a romantic picnic!

2.Family leisure should choose picnic packages for three or four people

On weekends, when the whole family has a picnic, you can choose a tough and wear-resistant fabric, a picnic bag for four people, larger capacity, and more enjoyment. And in the cutlery bin, according to the package type, with a variety of picnic accessories, such as: fork and spoon, acrylic wine glasses, cotton napkins, imitation porcelain plates, bottle openers, portable cutting boards, environmental protection bags and so on. 6-8 hours of insulated food warehouse to ensure fresh food. , You can put the prepared food in the food compartment of the picnic bag. The 6-8 hour heat preservation function guarantees freshness of the food. Roll out a picnic rug and find a good place to stretch your mood. The whole family enjoys drinking and having fun.


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